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Circumnavigate an Island by Golf cart...On the Gorgeous Island of 


Spend a day at one of the world’s most stunning beaches on the quaint island of Culebra. After about an hour long ferry ride in the morning, you’ll find plenty of public transport ready to take you and the other ferry riders to famous Flamenco Beach. Or, if you feel like exploring the island on your own, we’d recommend one of the souped-up golf carts on offer. With incredible views everywhere you turn, this hilly little island will have you under its spell no matter where find yourself.

The star of this production though is surely Flamenco Beach. Ranked as the fourth best beach in the world by tripadvisor in 2014, this incredibly spacious, white coral sand shore will have you held in disbelief from the moment you see it. And seeing the spray-painted Sherman tank is a must too. Although on my last trip the water was a little choppy (and frankly awesome for bodysurfing), through most days of the year you’ll see dozens of snorkelers just off the shore. With kiosks on the beach selling cocktails, beer, water, and BBQ, you can relax, sit back and listen to the tide, it’s surely one of the finest experiences to be had in Puerto Rico.

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