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Tired of the grind? Ready for a trip that defies categorization? Been yearning for a taste of Puerto Rico away from the crowds? Here at El Yunque Inns, we've got you covered. With a premier selection of bed & breakfasts, inns, small hotels, and vacation rentals to choose from, make your next trip to Puerto Rico unlike anything that's come before. 

The El Yunque rainforest is recognized as the only tropical rainforest in the United States, and is home to dense plant-life of all kinds, prehistoric tree ferns, waterfalls, rivers, crags, pre-Colombian Taino petroglyphs, and, of course, Puerto Rico’s favorite amphibian, the coqui. Infeasible for a large hotel, El Yunque is freckled with small bed and breakfasts, guest houses, and owner-operated apartments worlds apart from the expected Caribbean fare. Here at El Yunque Inns, we’ve drawn together a few of our favorite spots run by some of our favorite people. 

Don’t worry, though you might feel like you and your party are the only people in the world while you’re here, landmark Luquillo beach is only a fifteen minute ride away, and the cobbled streets of Old San Juan just barely twice that. Most of the properties listed here are located in the Northeastern corner of the Puerto Rican mainland, so a stay in the rainforest doesn’t mean you won’t get to see the famous bioluminescent bay of Fajardo, or see those opalescent Caribbean waters. Whatever you’re reason for coming to the Isla del Encanto, enter into this enchanted forest, and let us take you to the pinnacle of relaxation, comfort, and convenience.

  1. Hacienda Siesta Alegre Inn ($170-$190 children allowed)
  2. Coqui Hideaway  ($135-$250 ask about children)
  3. Rainforest Inn ($165 -$225 children twelve and up)
  4. Sue's Place -- Rainforest Rentals ($100-$200 ask about children)
  5. Casa Flamboyant ($230 up - no children)
  6. El Escondido ($80 - $135 children allowed)
  7. Yunque Brisas Villa Rental
  8. Wyndham Grand RioMar Hotel
  9. Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn
  10. Ceiba Country Inn
  11. Barefoot Traveller's Beach House & The Garden House
  12. Yuquiyú ($200.00. No children)

Check out the Puerto Rico Bed & Breakfast Association page for other amazing places to stay around the island. True boutique bed and breakfasts. Go to the Rainforest Inn's youtube channel to see videos about El Yunque.

Tucked away in the foothills of Luquillo, Coqui’s hideaway offers its guests nine acres of space, and an entire guest house to relax in, play around, and explore. This vacation rental has three bedrooms, and only accommodates one party at a time, so rest assured, privacy is nothing to worry about at Coqui’s.

With a large in-ground pool featuring  lush rainforest views all around, and seemingly-endless natural gardens, you might never want to leave this jungle retreat, but when you’re ready to hit the road, have no fear, there’s plenty to do and more. Looking for an unparalleled concierge experience? Hosts Ray and Gwen are prolific travel bloggers/writers, and will be able to tell you exactly what you’ve gotta do while you’re on this magnificent island.


The Rainforest Inn

Nestled on the edge of the El Yunque National forest, the Rainforest Inn is an utterly unique ecolodge, and a secluded private paradise offering travelers of every taste something to get excited about. With abounding views of both the rainforest and the Caribbean sea below, as well as beautiful tropical gardens, your eye will never cease to be amazed if you find yourself roaming the grounds of this estate. Feel right at home in a place that feels a thousand miles from human civilization, with a daily gourmet vegetarian breakfast, the comfiest linens in the Caribbean, and privacy to spare. You will feel relaxed and recharged when you finally depart this wonderful bed and breakfast.

big suze.png

Sue's Place

Looking for a stay near El Yunque not too far up the mountain? Sue’s might just be the place for you. With beach access in less than fifteen minutes, and only a five-minute trek to El Yunque, Sue’s offers an incredibly comfortable stay, and an incredibly convenient one. Along with that, Sue’s is no doubt a rainforest property; you can hear the coquis whistling, the owls calling, and the rains falling. Known for their hospitality, Sue and locally-praised surf instructor Bob will surely make your stay in Puerto Rico an unforgettable one. 

Combining natural beauty, colonial stylings, and a keen rustic elegance, Hacienda Siesta Alegre is Puerto Rico’s number one wedding destination with good reason. Offering up a delicious bistro-style breakfast every morning to guests in the Inn’s nine separate rooms, you’ll feel right at home in this plantation-like estate.

Relax by the private pool hidden in the jungle, or tour the spacious grounds complete with rainforest views and roaming horses. Situated conveniently in the mountains of El Yunque, rugged hikes, natural pools, and waterfalls are a five minute drive away, and lavish Luquillo beach just twenty. Whatever you’re looking for in Puerto Rico, it would be hard to believe you couldn’t find something to fall in love with at the lovely Hacienda Siesta Alegre. 

FINAL YUQUIYU mainpg.jpg


Yuquiyú is hidden in the foothills of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque rainforest, revered as a sacred site for over a thousand years by the prehistoric Taino natives. Named in honor of their god of light and life, our rustic retreat is a place to reawaken the senses in harmony with nature. Contemplate our tropical garden, relax in a treehouse, savor organic cuisine and discover the island.


Barefoot Travelers' Beach House

With both a beach and a designated nature reserve just minutes from your door, this Humucao destination is designed for travelers trying to get a taste of Puerto Rico’s beautiful shores as well as its breathtaking vistas of nature. With a private pool, three bedrooms, and a full kitchen, this guest house couldn’t be better for families. On the east side of the island, this is the only property we’re listing not located in El Yunque or in its foothills. However, in terms of its atmosphere and its mission, Barefoot Travelers’ couldn't be closer to the tenants we believe in at El Yunque Inns. For those searching for a local’s look at a beautiful, frequently-unexplored part of the Island, Barefoot Travelers’ might just be what you’re looking for. Oh, and did we mention that your hosts are hang-gliders and kayaking tour guides that would be more than willing to take you into the Puerto Rican skies, or to mysterious Monkey Island. 

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